March 8, 2024 | Podcast

54. New Rules for Multi-Tenant Housing

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Welcome to TR Talks Real Estate! In this episode, our hosts, Rajiv and Xerxes explore the upcoming changes in the Toronto housing landscape, specifically focusing on multi-tenant housing.

Starting March 31, 2024, a significant shift in the regulations surrounding multi-tenant (rooming) houses will take effect, mandating all operators to obtain a license. To shed light on this pivotal development, Xerxes and Rajiv share information gathered to educate the recent changes on the roles, responsibilities, and the intricacies of the new license application process.

A multi-tenant house, as defined by the recent changes, is a building with four or more rooms, featuring shared common washrooms and kitchens. While individual rooms may have private washrooms or kitchens, the combination of both is not permitted under the new regulations.

Multi-tenant houses are an important part of the affordable rental housing market and provides single-room accommodation to diverse communities, including students, seniors, new immigrants and low/moderate income residents.

The transformation in Toronto’s housing regulations occurred on December 14, 2022, when the City Council adopted a comprehensive regulatory framework. This involved amending the Zoning Bylaw to allow multi-tenant houses throughout Toronto and implementing a new Multi-Tenant Houses Licensing Bylaw. This progressive bylaw is designed to establish consistent standards, introduce regulatory oversight, and enhance enforcement mechanisms. The primary goal is to ensure the safety of tenants and address concerns within neighborhoods. It will also help support complete communities with a range of housing opportunities for different incomes and needs.

For questions about operator licensing, contact the Multi-Tenant House Team
If you are in the city, you can call 311 
Outside of the city 416-338-0889

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