March 11, 2024 | Podcast

55. Insight and Tips from a Seasoned Real Estate Investor Ft. Bonnie Tan

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Welcome to another insightful episode of TR Talks Real Estate with your hosts, Xerxes Bharucha and super special guest, Bonnie Tan. In this episode we sit down with our longtime client, Bonnie to delve into her  journey as a real estate investor.

Bonnie, a seasoned investor with an impressive track record, shares her wealth of experience spanning 7 years in the real estate market. She guides us through her evolution as an investor, offering valuable insights into the world of property investment.

Discover the types of properties that have been the focal points of Bonnie’s investment portfolio and the reasoning behind her choices.  She breaks down the strategic decisions that have shaped her diverse property portfolio.

As we explore Bonnie’s journey, she candidly reveals her initial hesitations when stepping into the world of real estate investment. From fears of market volatility to uncertainties about property management, Bonnie reflects on the obstacles she overcame to establish herself as a successful investor.

Talking about the challenges she has faced, Bonnie shares the lessons learned from her biggest hurdles. For those teetering on the edge of real estate investment, Bonnie provides sage advice on overcoming doubts and taking the plunge. She responds to the question of what she would say to someone on the fence about becoming a real estate investor, drawing from her own experiences to offer encouragement and practical insights.

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