June 27, 2024 | Podcast

63. April 2024 Real Estate Market Update

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Welcome to TR Talks Real Estate! In this episode, Xerxes Bharucha and Geeta Rajpal dive deep into the latest market report for April.  We dissect how these averages, encompassing both condos and houses across the GTA, offer a general picture of the housing market.

They open the conversation with how Team Rajpal is all about guiding and educating. However, everyone is impacted by the housing market in one way or the other, and then they jump into the market starts for April and quite often what is happening on the ground versus what is reported may not always be in alignment.

There is the discussion of sellers and buyers meeting versus wanting to do a real estate transaction and how that impacts the outcome.

Xerxes brings up how buyers and sellers are waiting for a drop in the interest rates and they discuss the potential impact on the market when that happens.

Geeta suggests that first time buyers should reevaluate their expectations and not keep holding out for their dream home.

They both then go on to analyze the statistics on home sales comparison between the 416 and 905 area codes  and end with some great tips for sellers and buyers alike.

For reference, the report released by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board is in the link here:  https://trreb.ca/trreb-more-choice-for-home-buyers-in-april/

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