October 17, 2023 | Podcast

Episode 37. Unlocking Real Estate Wealth: The Key to Property Management

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Welcome to a riveting episode of TR Talks, your go-to podcast for all things real estate. In this episode, we dive into the world of property management, specifically focusing on rental property management. Join Rajiv and Geeta from Team Rajpal as they unravel the mysteries of property management and how it can be a game-changer for real estate investors. Discover the types of property management, its benefits, and get an exclusive glimpse into what Key2Rent, their boutique property management company, has to offer for clients. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the real estate market, this episode is packed with insights that will help you make informed decisions and maximize your property investments.


– Exploring the rapid growth of real estate investors diversifying their portfolios.
– Understanding the various types of property management, with a focus on residential properties.
– Shedding light on the role of a property management company, from tenant communication to handling repairs.
– Differentiating between rental fees and property management fees.
– The importance of valuing your time and peace of mind as an investor.
– Introducing Key2Rent, a boutique property management service with a personalized touch.
– The benefits of having a property management company, including tax write-offs and tenant screening.
– Leveraging technology like the Landlord Credit Bureau for tenant credit building.
– Providing insurance cost savings and access to paralegals for legal challenges.
– Affordable property management fees at just 5% for condos, a competitive advantage in the market.

Tune in to this enlightening podcast episode and unlock the potential of your real estate investments with expert property management insights from Team Rajpal.

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