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Rajiv Rajpal

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About Rajiv

Rajiv began it all in late 2003. Confident, self-assured, and with a selfless attitude, he applied his business expertise and sales skills to real estate. He knocked on every door in a neighbourhood of 1200 homes for 8 months before he signed his first client. His hard work and dedication never stopped and neither did his client and referral base!

Rajiv knew early on he would build a team, with a commitment that the team grows together, guiding and motivating team members to be ‘full-service agents’ and not just ‘buyer agents.’ He leads and empowers the team to make daily decisions in the best interest of the clients, but also for the growth of each team member.

Rajiv is one to tell it like it is, and the team enjoys a good laugh when they know one of his outlandish and ‘oh-so-accurate’ analogies is coming their way!

Katie Burch

“Rajiv is such a kind, helpful person! I would absolutely recommend Team Rajpal!”

Rajiv Rattan

“We have used the services of Rajiv Rajpal more than once to buy a home. He is very passionate about his work and dedicated. He was always available and straight forward. We feel lucky that we met him.”


“Rajiv is professional, easily accessible, knowledgeable, an awesome negotiator, and easy to work with. He provided good advice and looked after my best interests.”

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