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Why Should You Upgrade Your Family Home in Pickering?

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If there’s one location that deserves much more attention from home buyers, it’s Pickering. As a safe and up-and-coming community, it is the perfect spot for families to put down roots. A robust career market also makes it ideal for young professionals. And, of course, a convenient location allows you to reach downtown Toronto in less than half an hour. In this post, we’ll examine just a few reasons to consider Pickering when upgrading your family home.

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Pickering Is Affordable

Housing prices can fluctuate, but the average home in Pickering offers greater value, with more square footage and outdoor space than you find elsewhere in the GTA. As a newer community, houses in Pickering also tend to be more modern and spacious, with little to no work needed before moving in. Lot sizes tend to be larger, giving you and your family plenty of space to play games, enjoy afternoon BBQs, and entertain.

If you’re dreaming of a home on the waterfront, it may never happen in Toronto. Listings are few and far between, and the cost of this enviable luxury comes at a premium. Contrast that with Pickering, where you can find condos, townhouses, and even detached homes along the shores of Lake Ontario that are still reasonable. 

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Rising Property Values

Pickering real estate may be affordable compared to other places in the GTA. However, values are also rising quickly as more people discover the joy of living in town. How fast and by how much? Imagine that you purchased a detached family home at the beginning of 2019. At that time, the average price was just under $785,000 in Pickering. 

By November of 2023, the value of single-family homes had risen to $1,095,097. That’s an increase of more than $310,000 in just a short time. Though it’s impossible to say for certain what the future holds, the values of all housing types in Pickering over the last five years have shown substantial growth. 

Upgrading your home isn’t just about finding the perfect community for your family. When you look at the numbers, you can see that it’s a sound financial investment in your future, where you can expect your equity and net worth to grow consistently.

Untold Opportunity

Pickering is conveniently located on the borders of Toronto, Markham, and the Durham Region, which only expands your area of career opportunities. But as an industry leader in several key sectors, including advanced manufacturing, engineering, energy, transportation, and information technology, you may just find the perfect position right at home.

Pickering is the site of the new Pickering Casino Resort, which has opened up many career opportunities and entertainment options. With so much available close to home, you don’t have to travel far for work or an exciting night out! Competitive business tax rates, vibrant infrastructure, and a highly educated workforce mean Pickering is also an excellent place to invest or expand your own business. 

For families who want to give their children the best possible advantage in life, education is critical. Once again, Pickering is a fantastic place to be, with highly-rated elementary and secondary schools under the Durham District School Board. For those seeking a private education, there are several Montessori learning centres, religious facilities, and other private schools such as Pickering College.

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A Thriving Community

Pickering’s welcoming environment has made it one of the most diverse communities in Ontario, and it continues to attract new residents and businesses to the area. For those who love the great outdoors, there are plenty of parks, trails, and green spaces where you can escape the bustle and noise of the city. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rotary Frenchman’s Bay West Park: A sandy beach, sparkling waters, a paved boardwalk and stunning scenery make this one of the most highly sought-after parks in Pickering, especially during the warmer months.
  • Progress Frenchman’s Bay East Park: Featuring gorgeous waterfront views and an epic playground and splash pad, this is the place to find many families laughing and playing together as they explore nature.
  • Duffin’s Creek Trail: Another beautiful waterfront trail that is open all year round. It’s the perfect spot for cycling, hiking, and in-line skating in the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, it’s not uncommon to encounter adventurous folks out snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
  • Altona Forest: This picturesque boardwalk trail leading through a wonderland of trees, wildflowers, and grassy marshes feels like something out of a fairy tale. It is also an essential habitat for many wildlife species, including songbirds, foxes, coyotes, hawks and rare amphibians. You will want to keep your camera handy as you explore the many trail systems weaving through the forests.

One of the most exciting developments in Pickering is the new mastermind community of Seaton. Once completed, this new township will feature more than 70,000 homes. Already, the development has created 35,000 jobs, and the excitement is showing no signs of slowing down. With the combination of extra living space, outdoor beauty, and modernity, Pickering is a fantastic option when searching for a larger home for your family.

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Safe and Convenient

A strong sense of community makes Pickering a safe and welcoming place for families of all backgrounds! Excellent schools, a wealth of natural beauty, and strong infrastructure provide everything your family needs for a successful and well-balanced life. 

From the waterfront district of Nautical Village with its unique shops and restaurants to Pickering City Centre, you have access to Go Transit and a world of retail outlets and other services. Whatever you love most about the GTA, you will find it all in Pickering at a cost that cannot be beat. 

Do you want to know more about what Pickering offers residents and visitors? Reach out with any questions today to or call 647-875-8000 for more information.

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